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baaronthepen-deactivated2012022 asked: Baaron blushed brightly. "Oh... pardon me, miss..." he said, "But I think I'm lost... I thought this was the library." He looks around at the shop, "A boutique makes much more sense." Then he looked at her, and smiled. "so if this is the Carousel Boutique," he said, "Then that means you must be miss Rarity."

The one and only~!" Rarity batted her eyes at the seemingly lost pony. I’m only Ponyville’s most fashionable pony!" The purple maned unicorn analyzed the pony in front of her, his gray coat, that… tattered white and blue mane. Oh my, what is he thinking? It’s a mess! You wouldn’t happen to be here for a make over, would you, darling? She trotted her way around his side, nudging him further into her shop.