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baaronthepen-deactivated2012022 asked: *let the roleplay begin :3* Baaron entered the Boutique and then stopped, looking around himself confusedly. "Hello?" he said, "is there anypony here?"

Ah, yes yes~! Just give me a minute." In the corner of the shop stood a single white unicorn, deeply involved in fussing around with one of the many mannequins on display in her boutique. With her horn a glow, a variety of fashion supplies float among the air around her. Scissors, ribbon, white silk, and even some fine sapphires. In a frantic attempt to give her attention the pony entering the store, Rarity quickly wrapped the ribbon around the collar on the mannequin, placing the miscellaneous items around her.

In a swift movement, Rarity turned around, her flowing purple mane breaking against the wind. Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, darling! What do you need today?