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baaronthepen-deactivated2012022 asked: Baaron, confused by his sudden kidnapping, started to babble. "I appreciate the offer..." he said, "but I really should be getting to the library before I lose my inspiration..."

The librarryyy? Rarity barked back, her eyes showing a sign of deep disappointment. But darling, look at you! I simply must work my magic on you~! You can’t leave just yet. I’ll let Twilight know to wait for you, alright?

She further nudged him into her shop. Rarity had so many make over ideas for this poor, unwilling pony. 

baaronthepen-deactivated2012022 asked: Baaron blushed brightly. "Oh... pardon me, miss..." he said, "But I think I'm lost... I thought this was the library." He looks around at the shop, "A boutique makes much more sense." Then he looked at her, and smiled. "so if this is the Carousel Boutique," he said, "Then that means you must be miss Rarity."

The one and only~!" Rarity batted her eyes at the seemingly lost pony. I’m only Ponyville’s most fashionable pony!" The purple maned unicorn analyzed the pony in front of her, his gray coat, that… tattered white and blue mane. Oh my, what is he thinking? It’s a mess! You wouldn’t happen to be here for a make over, would you, darling? She trotted her way around his side, nudging him further into her shop. 

baaronthepen-deactivated2012022 asked: *let the roleplay begin :3* Baaron entered the Boutique and then stopped, looking around himself confusedly. "Hello?" he said, "is there anypony here?"

Ah, yes yes~! Just give me a minute." In the corner of the shop stood a single white unicorn, deeply involved in fussing around with one of the many mannequins on display in her boutique. With her horn a glow, a variety of fashion supplies float among the air around her. Scissors, ribbon, white silk, and even some fine sapphires. In a frantic attempt to give her attention the pony entering the store, Rarity quickly wrapped the ribbon around the collar on the mannequin, placing the miscellaneous items around her.

In a swift movement, Rarity turned around, her flowing purple mane breaking against the wind. Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, darling! What do you need today?

sweet-apple-acres-deactivated20 asked: Howdy, Rarity! How's it goin'?

Oh Applejack, it’s you! I’ve just been getting back to work at the Boutique after coming back from my stay at the Canterlot Castle.~ Got a lot to do, busy busy.~